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Kyle Hjelmeseth is the Founder and President of top-tier talent management agency G&B, which houses both the College of Influence and the Normalize Equality initiative. A self-made minority business owner, Hjelmeseth brings the full extent of his experience living as a half black, half white male to his work building media momentum around 

messages of diversity and inclusivity with his trademark solutions-driven attitude. Under his leadership, G&B has successfully re-invented the talent management world with integrity while creating a refreshingly diverse company culture, serving more than 80 exclusive clients with a powerfully inclusive ethos that transforms influencers into influential people. Hjelmeseth grew up in small-town America among a population of just 3,000. One of the few students to attend college, Hjelmeseth traveled the farthest for his degree in Communications and Public Relations from Purdue University. The story of G&B began in 2012 when Hjelmeseth reached out to Honey & Silk blogger Stephanie Liu to partner on a campaign. The two struck up a friendship and, in 2014, Hjelmeseth officially signed on as Liu’s manager, helping to quadruple her blog income while simultaneously serving as Associate Director for Chloe+Isabel. In 2017, newly married to Liu and representing a steady clientele of 12-15 influencers whom he helped make a living blogging, he jumped into G&B full-time.

Previously serving as Director of Sales, Bobby Bilina is the Director of Talent at G&B where his collaborative approach has helped to double the firm’s roster for two consecutive years.

Graduating from Purdue in 2004, he moved West to California to join best friend (and fellow Purdue graduate) Kyle Hjelmeseth, who would later invite him into a new business venture destined to become G&B. 


Bilina has been invaluable in developing a skilled internal business team to help drive G&B’s explosive success, expanding the agency’s reach to New York, Texas, Washington, and Florida. In addition to his current duties, Bilina proudly spearheads the firm’s subsidiary, G&B Sports and Entertainment, managing a growing list of sports, e-sports, and celebrity talent.

Director of Talent


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