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A NEW ADVENTURE: Pretty Little Fawn x Craft + Foster



We are beyond thrilled…stoked in fact…to announce our first product collaboration as a firm! Courtney from Pretty Little Fawn worked with Craft + Foster to co-create her first product, fitting for her personal style and storytelling, the Pretty Little Fawn candle!

From Craft+Foster:

With enchanting notes of amber, rose, and musk, Pretty Little Fawn draws it’s inspiration from the personal style, spirit and beauty of L.A. based actress/blogger, Courtney Halverson, and features exclusive artwork by Marissa Quinn.

We’ll let you read all about the new scent: here

This is just the start of a new adventure for God & Beauty. We cannot wait to take our friends, followers and fans of our illustrious roster along on the journey. Each product we launch will come loaded with meaning, and be special to each individual.

What do you think? Ready for your home to smell like a pretty, little, fawn?



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