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Don’t giveaway a thing without a strategy

Giveaways and contests using influencers are a great value addition for brands to achieve increased engagement in social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube. The greatest advantage of conceptualizing an influencer marketing campaign with a giveaway or a contest is that there is a sense of authenticity in the brand content and messages delivered to the audience.

Incorporating innovative giveaways and contests in influencer marketing campaigns also play a huge role in achieving increased brand awareness and lead generation. Here are a few key aspects that every brand must consider in order to execute a successful giveaway campaign using social media influencers:

Identify the objective of your giveaway campaign. By enhancing an influencer marketing campaign with giveaways and contests, brands can achieve a wide range of marketing objectives like boosting their social media community, driving traffic to the websites and landing pages or simply informing the audience about the various products and services.

Authenticity. For a giveaway campaign to be successful, brands must also focus on choosing an influencer who is credible and authentic. A giveaway campaign using an influencer with organic followers will have a far-reaching impact. Additionally, if brands are considering to implement target group specific influencer marketing campaigns, then micro influencers would be a great option to achieve wider reach and engagement.

Understand how the giveaway works for social media. Before launching a giveaway campaign, brands must clearly lay down their rules and regulations in consultation with the influencers. The influencer and the brand must be aware of the difference between sweepstakes and contests. Ideally, a sweepstake is an activity in which the contribution from the audience is minimal and winners are picked up at random. On the other hand, for a contest to be successful, the audience responses are of paramount importance.

Structurise the giveaway campaign. After clearly stating the rules and regulations of the giveaway campaign, brands must narrow down on the prize and strategise the intended action plan in accordance with the objectives of the campaign. Ideally, the action plan must include the intended responses and steps to be followed by the audience like liking, sharing, subscribing, following, maintaining a public profile and creating compelling content etc. Brands must advise their influencers to clearly communicate the terms and conditions of the giveaway campaign well in advance. A few important aspects that you have to keep in mind while drafting out the terms and conditions are the duration of the campaign, type of the social media profile, prize, mandatory actions, age and location specifications if any.

Executing and promoting the giveaway campaign. Execution is the most critical stage for any giveaway campaign. After selecting the influencer and clearly charting out the rules and regulations, brands must finally execute the campaign by promoting it on appropriate social media platforms. One of the important factors that contribute to the success of a giveaway campaign is that both the brand and the influencer must be in full alignment with the objectives of the campaign. Brands must regularly communicate with the influencers to understand the performance of the campaign at varying time intervals. A small mistake from either side can have a huge impact on the credibility and the reputation of the brand.

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“I think that using a giveaway to motivate followers to research and become exposed to a new brand is a GREAT strategy. It always increases the engagement on a post, and it’s a great way to get an audience excited! Everyone wins in this kind of collaboration.” -Steffy Degreff (@steffy)

Furthermore, brands and influencers must always remember not to give any false promises to the audience. For example, if international shipping is not a viable option for the brand, then run a giveaway campaign by targeting a particular locality taking into consideration factors such as feasibility and convenience. Also, brands must clearly discuss their expectations with the influencers in order to help them strategies appropriate content strategies.

Make sure you incorporate these tips in your next giveaway influencer marketing campaigns and grow your business. Need help finding the right influencer? The right strategy? WE GOT YOU. That’s what we do, we create strategies that connect brands with influencers in order to create strong relationships. Go thru our website, see how we run things and let’s work together.


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