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Influencers help you pick your next vacay destination

What you need to know:

  1. Traveling content from influencers is eye candy for anyone who may be planning a trip, it encourages people to take the influencer’s traveling experience as the ultimate validation process before making a decision.

  2. The Sell Funnel may not be as clear as others because it takes a little more effort and time from users to decide if they want to book the service.

  3. Travel content shared from Influencers is de most attractive and successful tool for the audience to discover new places to add to their bucket-list.

The Rest

Influencer Marketing has proven to be so effective in many ways that brands have adopted it as their marketing weapon of choice even if they have to increase their Marketing Budget. Retail and Food are probably the most popular categories of content to share for influencers, but travel content is also very hot right now.

You may have an idea of some of the places you’d like to visit but when you start taking recommendations from your Instagram Feed like “From Marstrand to Donsö: Where to Stay, See and Eat” or “Five Things You Need To Do In Oahu” the user’s enthusiasm level will rise and they will either act on it and book a flight right away or at least build up your dream enough to start planning your trip.

You may have an idea of some of the places you’d like to visit but when you start taking recommendations from your Instagram Feed the user’s enthusiasm level will rise.

The main reason why Influencers are great at promoting brands is because they are consumers just like any other Social Media user and that makes them relatable and reliable, they will give their followers exact details of their experience with the product or service and how their life was affected by it, it’s like a customer product or service review but shared through great visual content that people will find more attractive.

Even though this is an amazing tool to inform people about the latest traveling trends, the sell funnel results are not clear yet, meaning that it’s not easy to track how many followers actually act on their enthusiasm by the Influencer’s experience and convert that into bookings. The one thing that’s clear is that Influencer Marketing is now the user’s first discovery option when they look for destinations, hotels, airlines and others. Get some more details on this here.

Moral of the Story

It’s pretty clear that if your company is related to travel and you haven’t tried to include Influencers as part of your marketing strategy, you may want to start doing your research and look for some options to gather your Influencer crew. Creating awareness of your product or service is definitely a must, if your brand provides an amazing customer experience and you add the power of the relationship and engagement between followers and Influencers, the probabilities of receiving a successful result are higher.


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