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Intern Sign Off: Where Does Influence Go From Here

Before I started here at God & Beauty, I met our founder Kyle at my university. We were discussing the importance of influencers in marketing. At the time I thought: “Influencers bring a lot of value to brands”, because I had learned that in class and had seen it in real life. My interaction with influencers was following beauty bloggers for their advice and honest opinions, they had made me want to purchase particular products. Before this internship, I didn’t really know the actual hard work and value that went into creating was I consumed.

Influencers are artists at their job. From my time here I’ve seen modeling, editing, acting all happen around me. The team at God & Beauty are professional artists, truly. It made me realize that these influencers take pride in their job just like any other artist does. I’ve written so much about “trust” and “authenticity”, and these people exude it in the real world with their professionalism. I followed influencers because I believed the lifestyle they brought to life, and it’s been amazing be apart of so many stories that have been told.

The industry is only going to be getting bigger and more influential, and I hope that brands see the work these influencers put into their content. There is real value in what they can provide and statistic have shown they are only getting more powerful in the marketplace. I’ve learned so much about the planning and dedication these influencers have, and they can bring so much to the table creatively. These are our new celebrities and the market should embrace them as such. I believe that moving forward there will be more doors opened for influencers and brands. Apps have been growing by the week to embrace these changes and enrich their feeds.

Influencers bring people together with common goals and lifestyles, and that’s something to be appreciated as a tool for brands. From here brand ambassadors will go up as the technology evolves. I hope to see more of a growth in VR and influencers, as well as more stories. People don’t care where your brand came from if you tell them with a novel, you need visuals and someone else saying your story matters and this is why.

After my time here, I think I will only see the success of the influencers of God & Beauty grow. This company is truly the gem of influencer marketing, I wish it nothing but success and continued prosperity. Thank you for all you’ve done for me, I’m extremely grateful for this oppurtunity. It’s not good bye- it’s see you later!


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