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REFLECTIONS: 5 Ways to Use the Social Trifecta

Source: Tracx

5 Ways to Use the Social Trifecta

Knowing how to spice up your brand’s marketing tactics can be hard in the constantly changing online advertising world. Between paid, earned, and owned media it can be confusing to know which will drive what your goals are. Thankfully with the help of the “social trifecta”- there is help!

What You Need to Know:

  1. 70% of social conversation about your brand will take place on pages you do not own.

  2. Only 10% of all people who interact or post on your owned pages actually follow them.

  3. 80% of all social media advertising is paid.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 12.31.36 PM.png

Getting your product or service out into Instagram and other paid media platforms can help spread your brand like wildfire.


The Rest

  1. It is important for your brand to know what platforms to tackle for each media type. For owned social, the top platform is Facebook, and for earned it is Instagram. While these are the case for the majority of brands, it is important to understand your audience and what platforms they are using.

  2. Turn those user created content from earned media into owned media. Taking fans of your brand and infusing them into the culture of your brand helps draw more people. Earned media can cause a buzz, so it’s important to mix in user content with your own to create relationships.

  3. Take your brand and partner with influencers to turn your owned media into paid media. Getting your product or service out into Instagram and other paid media platforms can help spread your brand like wildfire. Much of paid media can turned into earned media.

  4. Track your competition and compare your reputation and reach. FIguring out why your competition is excelling in certain areas of earned and owned media can help develop new tactics for your own brand.

  5. Make your products “shareable”. Think of the pink drink from Starbucks and how many photos were shared on Instagram. Creating a product that is photogenic can help boost sales and earn millions of dollars worth of earned media.

Moral of the Story

Taking all these tactics can greatly increase your online presence and success with marketing campaigns. Creating a culture around your brand that brings in earned, paid, and owned media can help aid in bringing in new customers. All levels of advertising should come together to tell a story and support the brands message. Bringing your customers into that story drives earned media that can help create a stronger community and brand affinity.

Little Tip from the Top

Social media has taken over the advertising world, and it’s important to grow your presence. On Facebook only 2-6% of your followers will see your owned media content and content only gets shared 0.1% of the time it is posted. Whereas social media advertising has grown 185% in the last year alone. While it is important for your owned pages to have your voice, it is important to bring in more voices to create a social conversation about your brand. Look no further than God & Beauty to create paid media for your brand.


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