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REFLECTIONS: Five Things Influencers Wish Brands And Agencies Understood

Brands and agencies do not always match up on influencer’s thoughts and processes, as mapped out by Nichole Brant for Forbes. Brandt, a VP of influencer marketing and technology for XOMAD, a company that focuses on authenticity.

Nicole goes on to discusses that brands shouldn’t be focusing on creators who do not fit in with their brand’s culture. Cookie cutting a creator makes the image look forced, and brands should be trying to come across as authentic and organic as possible. Kyle Hjelmeseth, God & Beauty founder adds, “we realize that selling is the bottom line, but by making room for story-telling not only do you honor the influencers’ work — you use social media in the way it was intended to be used, and maximize your chances for success.

^^^ That’s a big deal! Remember, influencers followers know when they are not being authentic. Finding the balance between your brand’s goal and their creativity is the whole point of collaboration, right?

Another good point, working with influencers is important to find the right fit. The curated roster of God & Beauty makes finding the right voice for your brand easy.

Photo courtesy of Tommy Lei / MYBELONGING

Photo courtesy of Tommy Lei / MYBELONGING


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