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Source: Snapchat vs. Instagram: Which Stories Format Is Winning? (ADAGE)


Which will you choose?

As the all-out war between Instagram and Snapchat within the storytelling zone of social media ramps up, it can be hard to tell who is winning and why. Both platforms offer very similar features, but cater to two highly engaged demographics that are constantly consuming media. Which platform might spice up your campaign the most?

What You Need to Know:

  1. Instagram stories has a much broader audience of 200 million active users, which is 50% of all Instagram users.

  2. Viewers are more likely to finish advertisements on Instagram rather than Snapchat (4.5% vs 3.4%)

  3. Snapchat’s advertisements can be far more interactive than Instagram’s (for now).

  4. Publishers far more use Snapchat as a quick way to spread news and reach their audiences.

We encourage our brand partners to be flexible about the platform their product is featured on, and really listen to their influencer partner.

Photo courtesy of Tess & Sarah / @tess_and_sarah

The Rest

To start it off, it’s a tie between the platforms- for now. Just when Snapchat creates a new update, Instagram is not far behind with new ways to use their platform. As Garett Sloane of AdAge divulges, it really comes down to what the brand wants their campaign to be for their target market. Currently, Snapchat has a far better advertisement features for brands reaching out purely, running their ads between stories while Instagram is still trying to figure out the perfect equation for story to ad ratio. Snapchat allows for easier click-thru for brands, but it’s only time until Instagram locks down a way to create a more intuitive advertisement friendly algorithm.

Working with influencers, Instagram easily takes the cake. Not worrying about click-thru amps up the authenticity of a campaign. Stories with influencers are far easier to reach their audiences since they are using Instagram as it is. Companies are pushing more for Instagram as they receive more views than on Snapchat. For audiences, it is easier to have everything at hand on one platform than having the use another app to reach their favorite influencers.

“We encourage our brand partners to be flexible about the platform their product is featured on, and really listen to their influencer partner. If a brand wants Snapchat, God & Beauty won’t just say ‘NO!’, says Kyle Hjelmeseth, founder of God & Beauty. “We want to hear what the goals are, and respond — this dialogue makes it possible to find the best way forward for a successful campaign from both parties involved.”

Moral of the Story

Don’t choose a side- just yet. For now, Snapchat appears to be friendlier to brands as it’s a platform they know and trust. Although to organically reach your target audience, Instagram Stories allow influencers to reach their audiences easily. No one knows when the next Instagram update will be, but it will surely sink its teeth into the competition sooner rather than later. Being the child of Facebook, Instagram will be looking into how to better convert brands into loyal fans of Instagram Stories.

Little Tip From the Top

“Every brand advertiser is digging into Instagram Stories. The sheer scale of it, the views you get, especially when influencers post for brands. It’s now a part of every one of our campaigns.” Justin Rezvani explains about brands journeying to Instagram with help from influencers.

For a brand, it would be beneficial to begin working within the Instagram space and forming relationships with influencers. Don’t leave snapchat just yet if your brand hasn’t fully transitioned, because there is still benefits to advertising there as well. Making a smooth educated transition from Snapchat to Instagram would be an ideal move for any brand wanting to step up their game.

So, who’s it going to be? Where are your allegiances, and why?



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