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Should I Get an Influencer for My Brand?

Let’s start by talking about the five most important advantages of having an influencer as a part of your marketing strategy:

  1. Influencers speak directly to a community about your brand.

  2. An influencer can be the best feedback source for any product, because their own community can give you real thoughts and live- action comments about your brand and products.

  3. You can tell if you have your target set correctly by selecting a proper influencer to manage the context of your brand or product.

  4. An influencer can help you manage or well, influence your community so you know what people are saying about it.

An influencer is the best way to connect to users and become a more approachable brand. You may think that influencers are a thing of the past, or not quite sure on how to use them. But little do you know, Influencer Marketing is still one of the most successful strategies to this day. Talking about the scale of reach that any influencer may have (nano, micro, macro and mega), whichever type you choose is going to easily help your brand on one very important thing: their contribution to your brand storytelling.

The challenge for your brand is selecting the proper type of influencer that suits you and speaks more like your brand. Remember, it’s not about how famous or huge an influencer is, it’s about the community that they speak to and the target that they aim to. Let’s be real; storytelling and positioning your brand is important, but you need someone that is driven to speak to a community and to drive you some sales as well, honey.


“A brand that is not prepared to invest the time and money to study the space is setting itself up for failure.”

Brittany Hennesy, Influencer Marketing Expert

Photo courtesy of Courtney Halverson (@prettylittlefawn)

So don’t be hypnotized by the amount of followers an influencer has. Did you know those can be bought? Don’t get caught up on bogus reports about reach as a value for any post. We’ve moved on from ideas like “the more people the “influencer” can reach (read as: the more “followers” they have), the better, stronger and more of an “influence” he or she has. No, don’t be fooled; the real focus of an influencer is their value in their community.

And yes, we need to talk about the real importance of an influencer: their community. If he/she doesn’t value their community, then very clearly, they are not the one for your brand. You are looking for someone who can connect and relay to your brand and target, you need someone who is able to speak to a community about the many wonders of your brand in order to raise awareness and sales.

There may be around 150 million people who claim to be an influencer, whether it’s a mega or nano one. But your main focus at the moment of selecting the perfect influencer candidate for your brand has to be how they can develop genuine added value in the short or long term for your community.


“A lot of brands are unclear about what, exactly, they’re paying for with an Influencer Marketing Strategy”.

Amy Oddel, Are Influencers Really Worth the Money?

Photo courtesy of Rachel Iwanyszyn (@jaglever)

Remember, an influencer is like any bought media ad, so your investment value matters on the type of influencer you can get for your brand. Don’t be scared by thinking that you can’t afford a Kardashian, because maybe your product doesn’t need a huge celebrity, but people with honest hearts and opinions about what your brand is all about. Micro and Nano Influencers matter too.

Take a look at the GNB stack of influencers, let us know what your brand and community is into and we will assist you with the right one. What are your main goals when it comes to working with an influencer and most importantly, what is the message that you and your brand need to communicate to a community? Does your brand have an established community already? Be sure to contact us for any assistance, we’ll represent your brand and take it to the right place.


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