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A New Standard for Influencer Marketing: #NormalizeEquality

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


Pull no punches, let’s get right to the heart of it. Influencer Marketing, with all its positive tropes and finely curated promotions hasn’t avoided racism through its short history — it has certainly played it’s part. Brands we work with, agencies, influencers themselves have all faced a reckoning over the past two weeks, and we had to turn inward to face our own shortcomings on the issue of diversity.

Everyone, though, has the same question — what’s next? How do we keep moving, keep planning campaigns, keep posting, with civil unrest in the air?

Let’s talk about Normalizing Equality.

Just like those finely curated campaigns, by definition Influencers have an incredible opportunity to directly influence the hearts and minds of thousands to help build a more equitable society, country and world. Our collective success or failure rides on acknowledging that we need to change, together.

On Friday G&B launched, a massive and growing resource for influencers who are in this moment trying to figure out what comes next.

We firmly believe that #influencers have a pivotal role in the movement toward a more equitable society. As some feeds attempt to go back to “normal” we want to acknowledge that nothing is normal, and that’s good…that’s what we need in order for change to happen.

If you’re an influencer, and you don’t quite know how to use your voice and what to post right now. If you’re trying to figure out how to make diversity an every day moment, instead of a fleeting one. If you struggle with what to ask your brand partners to make sure you’re apart of a campaign that seeks to include all voices instead of some, join us.

Together we can work to normalize equality. #normalizeequality

Check out the Instagram friendly version of the guide on our account, @gnbinfluence, or the complete resource at

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