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Have 1,000 followers on Instagram, and want to make money?

Have 100,000 followers and wonder where the “good” money is at?

What does being well paid by social media work / collaborations mean, and how do you get there? This is a question we receive almost daily, and a great topic for our first success series!

Check out this quick 12-minute feature by our founder Kyle Hjelmeseth, as he covers simple strategies to grow your business as an influencer. You can do these…today. Kyle has trained 12,000+ women in principles of entrepreneurship, and we’re guessing he can have a make a difference for you!

3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Well Paid Influencer

3 keys to being well paid — they are:

  1. Consistent Daily Outreach

  2. Two+ Major Content Pieces (Stories) Each Month

  3. Driving Traffic to Your Main Channel

Hear about one of David Hoffmann’s (from keys to success — look at his numbers, and you’ll understand how his “Daily 5” outreach has not only helped him grow an audience, but also his collaboration partners and of course, pay!

Comment below with your favorite key to success, and how you’re going to implement it into your business strategy moving forward.

What topic do you want us to take on next? Email:, and maybe we’ll pick your question to be the next topic of the success series!

Oh, and be a good friend — share this with others 😉


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