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Every couple of weeks our founder @kylehjelmeseth shares musings with our exclusive talent roster that he thinks will give them big ideas to think about. Generally the topics come from the firm’s work with each influencer, and what he’s hearing at the top of the industry. Here is one of those musings, reformatted for our friends and followers:

This week…

How to Become a Well Paid Influencer

In order to make anything you desire to build worthwhile you have to have a bit of vision. Specifically your big and little visions for your life moving forward, and how that affects your online presence and business. As the founder of the G&B family of companies I want to share more about myself, my life and experience, and what role that played in shaping the agency…so let’s back up a minute.

Kyle the Kingpin-6.jpg

In order to make anything you desire to build worthwhile you have to have a bit of vision…

Before G&B I worked as a national director for a fashion jewelry brand in New York City. I helped take the company from a $3M investment to a valuation of over $120M when I left after five years. I led the sales training initiatives, and wrote most of the manuals on…how to make more money. No joke — sounds boring, but I kind of loved it. I also spearheaded all of their online and in-person education, so in about four years I had trained over 10,000 people on sales tactics and entrepreneurship.

Moral of the Story, I’ve got the fundamentals of business building down to a science, and I want to share that science with you. I put this together and shared with influencers via @gnbinfluence in a couple of years ago, but nothing has changed…

3 Keys to Becoming a Well Paid Influencer:

The Daily 5

2+ Main Stories / Month

Drive Traffic to Your Site (make yourself bulletproof!)

What’s a Daily 5? Well, watch this slightly dated video (haha) and find out:

God & Beauty has been developing trainings like this for days, really driven by a well of experience. Have a topic important to you? Please let us know! Part of our company’s vision is to start to become a resource via education, and lead the next generation of content creators to success.

That’s all on the roadmap, but we wake up every day excited for what is ahead. We hope you have a vision for yourself that you can wake up and be excited for too!


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