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Nano, Micro, Macro and Mega Influencers. What are these and which one is the correct option for my b

What You Need to Know:

  1. There are several types of influencers, they all have different purposes and they can provide different results when jumping into an Influencer Marketing campaign.

  2. Mega Influencers may not be the best option for your business even though they have a massive amount of followers.

  3. It’s crucial to understand what your brand actually needs and select the Influencer based on that.

Nano, Micro, Macro and

Mega Influencers.

What are these

and which

one is the correct option

for my brand?

-Photo Courtesy of Vivid Wu @vivid

The Rest Influencer Marketing is not only one of the hottest Social Media trends, it’s also one of the most successful ways to reach a relevant audience and increase sales and engagement. This means that not only people will get to know your product or service, they will buy it and most likely they will stay loyal to it. We know this sounds wonderful, but there are some important details that you may want to know before you start introducing Influencer Marketing into your business.

– Choose the correct type of Influencer Nano, Micro, Macro and Mega. Yup, these sound like different type of iPods but they’re actually the existing types of Influencers. This is very important cause you may think that the best move would be to jump in and throw your money at the biggest influencer you know, but that’s not necessarily the best idea. So we’ll break it down real simple for you.

  1. Nano Influencers (range 500 to 1000): Believe it or not these are very powerful, even though they don’t have too many followers they do have a big influence since they have a high level of engagement. Why? they know most if not all of their followers so the trust level is very high.

  2. Micro Influencers (1000 to 10,000): These are known for being topic experts, topic fans or topic enthusiasts. Since they really know their subject and they’re passionate about it they’ve gained credibility which leads to very loyal followers. So, it’s easier for a user to engage, interact and relate to a Micro Influencer than to the brand itself.

  3. Macro Influencers (10,000 to 100,000): The perfect combo, the best of both worlds. So, Macro Influencers are as relatable and approachable as Micro Influencers and their engagement is awesome too, the cool part here is that the quality of the content is usually better because they take their Social Media image a lot more seriously bringing more professionalism to the table.

  4. Mega Influencers (100,000 +): Usually these are Celebrity Influencers, the big plus here is that they have millions of followers so this means your brand will definitely be exposed cause their reach level is outstanding but in the other hand, their engagement level is pretty low so trying to create a real connection between the brand and the consumer may be harder in this case.

Moral of the Story: Understanding what the brand needs and defining the purpose of the campaign will help you choose the correct type of influencer. You may need different influencers and more than one campaign, it all depends on what you want to improve. Research is the key to success in the Influencer Marketing world, it’s important to take the time to investigate before making a deal or look for Influencer Agencies that can advise you before taking this step.


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