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NAPTURAL BEAUTY: Welcome, Brittney Enora!

Blessed again by the talented Naptural Elenore!

That’s just one quote we saw that caught our eye when searching for Brittney Enora’s content. Look at her features and comments, and you’ll see thousands of adoring fans…including us! We’re thrilled to announce that Brittney has joined the God & Beauty family, giving our make-up and hair routines all sorts of life!

Instagram: @brittneyenora (147k+ followers)

Brittney Enora.JPG

Brittney is a hair and make-up influencer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Inspired by the natural hair movement, Brittney created her highly successful YouTube Channel, Naptural Elenore, and her Instagram page, @brittneyenora, to document her own natural hair journey as well as help women of color learn how to apply make-up and take care of curly hair.

Over the years, she has created one of the most active and engaged audience in the hair and make-up community for people of color in social media. Brittney has worked with some of the industry’s leading hair and make-up brands such as Too Faced, Make-up Geek, Creme of Nature, and Camille Rose Naturals.

Get in touch, and let’s create beauty together!


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