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REFLECTION: Gen Z Social Habits

Source: Tube Filter

What You Need to Know:

Gen Z are those between the ages of 13-17, and are more engaged with social media and influencer than even Millennials.

Gen Z is 13% more likely to view brand photos, as well as 12% more likely to recommend brand pages to their friends.

When it comes to influencers, 51% of Gen Z prefers influencer branded content ads over TV ads and other traditional digital ads.


Being raised with social media, this generation really cares about authenticity and having a connection to brands.

Photo Courtesy of Tess & Sarah

The Rest

Brands have been focused on how to speak to Millennials and connect with them as a generational group, not noticing the major shifts in dynamics that are developing in Gen Z. These 13-17 year olds have a massive loyalty to social media and influencers, especially those who are on YouTube. Being raised with social media, this generation really cares about authenticity and having a connection to brands. They listen deeply to trends and viral products, just as Millennials do, but they are far more likely to interact with brands. Gen Z are more likely to follow brand pages (13%+) and share them with their friends to create a social conversation (12%+), as they are more likely to read reviews and listen to their peer group (3%+).

Developing marketing habits that embraces Gen Z is greatly important as they move into your target market. With these differences influencers become a much more important tool for your brand, especially when it comes to expressing your brand’s lifestyle. Lifestyle is one of the most important values that Gen Z picks up on when it comes to your brand. Since they are growing up with the ability to purchase anything online, the market exponentially grows for them and they now choose brands who aligns with their lifestyle or dream lifestyle. 40% of their online entertainment comes from YouTube, they are more likely to purchase what their dream lifestyle blogger recommends.

Moral of the Story

As Gen Z continues to grow and define their habits, they are showing signs of not responding to written media as much. With such a love for YouTube and short-form videos, Gen Z is 6x more likely to watch a video instead of read an article or blog. Developing a marketing plan that is about videos and influencers is the perfect package for reaching Gen Z and developing a brand relationship with them. Finding ways to have your brand stand out among the crowd of brands they have access to is going to be the key of creating a memorable campaign.

Little Tip from the Top

Don’t try to stray too far from some social platforms! Gen Z tends to be on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but they also on smaller platforms like and Whisper. When it come to story platforms, Snapchat is still a major player with Gen Zs. Dipping your brand toe into new platforms can connect yourself with them and can open doors to amazing engagement. If you need help connecting to your Gen Z market, please contact God & Beauty.


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