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REFLECTION: Social Media Inspiring Travel Purchases

What You Need to Know:

31% of travelers with children and 23% of travelers research via social media before making a vacation related purchase.

25% of these customers are following the brands page before making their inspired purchase, showing customers are clicking through to the brand from social media.

18% of customers will click on a sponsored link if they are interested in researching the product.

“I’ve never published anything about a product that failed to garner one or more responses asking for information relevant to how a follower could buy or procure the same thing.”

Photo Courtesy of Kirsten Alana

The Rest

Travel has long been one of the hottest topics on social media, as everyone wants to escape either physically or digitally. Within this realm of travel inspired social, influencers are the trendsetters for locations and travel must-have products. They get hands-on experience with products while they are traveling, enhancing the authenticity of the review they gave. Kirsten Alana, a phenomenal travel influencer, puts her insight on the travel industry as: “I think the entire point of being considered influential is that people really do trust your opinions on things and that’s why I am careful about endorsements and why I turn down much more than I accept.” There are hundreds of thousands of products for travelers to indulge on, but influencers help narrow the market with key stand out pieces.

Not only are consumers researching and observing all the influencers, but there are interactions. Having key insights on the “what’s hot” in travel, makes them a key source of information for travelers. “I’ve never published anything about a product that failed to garner one or more responses asking for information relevant to how a follower could buy or procure the same thing. About half the time the responses are private and the other half of the time they are private.” Kirsten adds, really solidifying the trust her audience has in her. When on average a quarter of your customers are looking to these influencers for purchasing options, influencers are a valuable partner to help market your product in a trustworthy way.

Moral of the Story

Travelers aren’t just purchasing what ends up on the top of their Google search results or recommended by Amazon. Having influencers tell the story of your product on vacation with them is a valuable piece of marketing that consumers remember. They are driving the follows for brands, as well as creating authentic sponsored posts that people are more likely to click on. Having them as a part of your marketing strategy can exponentially grow your loyal consumer base at a healthy rate.

Little Tip from the Top

Before deciding on the influencer to do a campaign with, look at their other product integrated posts. How are their fans reacting to it in the comments? Are they inspired to purchase or connect with the influencer? Reading into the relationship the influencer has with their audience is important in making sure they are viewed as trustworthy of their audience. Here at God & Beauty we have several influencers who specialize in travel. We can help place your product with the perfect influencer to help inspire and bring consumers to your brand.


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