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REFLECTIONS: How Sponsored Content Can Help PR Pros Earn Customer Trust

People are more likely to trust word of mouth marketing, which is a form of earned media. When people they know refer them to you, they will have more faith in trusting the referral than a paid advertisement.

Are you effectively using different aspects of advertising to best get your brand out there authentically? Read the full article on PR Daily.

Mike Wood with PR Daily, dives into the differences between different tactics of advertising and how they can bring greater success to your campaigns. Paid advertising in marketing can be beneficial depending on your demographic. A major change in the way we advertise has been that word of mouth is the most trustworthy to consumers. Building that trust can take time, but if you place your advertising in the right space, it can speed up the process. Kyle, Founder of God & Beauty elaborates:

“Trust is everything. Our influencers — most influencers — build their entire following and credibility across industries by acting as that word of mouth. As the space sees more marketing dollars pouring in this sense of trust becomes even more important. When brands work collaboratively with their chosen influencer partners, instead of dictating every move, the results are clear. Influence is a long tail game, not for short-sighted sales objectives. If you want consumers to trust your brand, or your client’s brand, invite your influence partners to the table.”

New York Times found that 70% of viewers could not spot the difference between a sponsored ad and an authentic ad. What does this mean for your business and working with influencers? You can continue creating authentic trustworthy articles while remaining #sponsored. Placing your advertising in the right place can build trust with your consumers, as Mike says:

“… trust is earned, paid media is not the most effective way to earn that trust. You cannot buy trust from customers. However, proper use of paid media can help increase trust from customers.”

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Expand the images above, courtesy of Courtney Halverson / Pretty Little Fawn — great examples of how brand partnerships churn out authentic interaction and love from an influencers community of fans!

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